Pictures are worth a thousand words

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with pictures (I think I take at least one picture or more a day with my phone–that doesn’t even include my awesome big camera). I was always that kid who likes to document every, single thing I was doing, but with pictures instead of words. Ironically (considering I have a blog of all things), I’m not a fan of writing. I have horrible grammar. I seriously think I blocked out everything I learned about commas, prepositional phrases, and all that jazz to the point where I look uneducated when I write. Does it bother me that I don’t know basic skills that a third grader knows? Sometimes; Especially when I’m writing an email to a big wig or someone from another university when I need information about a book I’m cataloging that they’ve put in a record for. I’ll agonize about whether this comma is in the right place or if that word really should be capitalized or not. Why don’t you learn grammar, you say? I’ve tried. I’ve checked out books to study this and that, but for some reason it never sticks and I’m left doubting myself. I had the same issue with foreign languages. Language just isn’t my thing (surprising, considering my life is built around books and words).

Now pictures, they speak volumes. If I take a picture, I don’t have to describe what I’m looking at and how awesome it is. You just have to look at a picture of it and draw your own conclusions and descriptions of what’s going on. My fourth grade teacher always gave us a pictures to paste in our writing books and we had to write a story around what we thought was going on in the picture (great way to get a child involved in writing for you teachers out there).

I implemented a “Photograph of the day” on Facebook over a year ago just to get some of our awesome photographs out to the public to view and enjoy. Who doesn’t love a snapshot back in time (well I’m sure there are some fuddy duds out there but we’ll pretend they don’t exist)? Today, I ran across some awesome pictures that I just had to share.


World War II is probably my favorite time period to examine. There always something new to think about. This is one of those pictures that just made me do a double take in my mind. We all know there was the threat of chemical warfare in World War II and especially after with the Cold War, but I never thought about the ramifications of having to deal with that fear of something suddenly happening. In this photograph, the hospital was doing a gas mask drill. I’m guessing they were training to make sure they could still perform their job duties with these ridiculously huge but life saving devices on their faces.  It just makes you stop and think about all the fear they might have felt or in some cases, ,the annoyance of being made to do these types of drills even though you knew they were necessary (kind of like tornado drills in school. I hated putting my butt up in the air, but I knew it was for my own good).


I also love it when I’m browsing through pictures and run across familiar faces. This is a photograph of Eleanor Roosevelt visiting a soldier in a hospital. How could you not love this picture? A lot of people probably didn’t even know this picture existed. That’s why I love the internet. It always links you to some awesome content you would have never come into contact with otherwise.

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