Water blob time!

Strep entered our lives a couple of weeks ago and I thought that that was probably one of the easiest sickness around, one shot he was good to go! Little did I know another nasty bug was looming behind it. Once again my son is sick (seriously I told you he catches everything known to man). Daycare called Thursday letting me know he couldn’t take a nap because of all the coughing and that he was running a low grade fever, so back to the doctor we went since he hadn’t sleep through the night in a few nights on top of all of this. Basically, they told me just to keep him home from school and monitor him so he doesn’t get pneumonia and give him a breathing treatment every 4 hours.

So, there I was on Friday hanging out at home with the sweetest  kid ever who felt a million times better after starting his breathing treatments and had so much energy he didn’t know what to do with himself (albuterol makes him a little crazy), when a light went off in my head — pinterest project time! I had pinned this awesome site the other day and I was ready to try my hand at making a water blob (here’s the site: http://www.homemadetoast.com/2013/07/how-to-make-leak-proof-water-blob.html).

Let me preface by saying her’s was so much cooler than mine! I made do with black plastic that we use in the garden to do the greenhouse effect on our tomatoes since it’s all I had. Totally wish I had clear though. I definitely would have done the food coloring thing.

So after a little ironing and some time to fill it up, we had ourselves a water blob!

photo 2


Here’s the ironing picture because I know you all want to see what my iron and ironing board look like…


photo 3

And here’s my picture of our blob!

My child had so much fun on this thing (although I think I might have monopolized it myself—he ended up walking off to play with the dogs while I was still laying on it lol). Seriously this thing is like having a bed outside. I just laid there and looked at the sky thinking I could be a stay at home mom any day of the week if I could. But alas, I still have to go to work to pay for all these doctor visits! =)