Let’s face it, I’m terrible at being a consistent blogger. Not that I don’t try. This blog is my personal blog, so unfortunately it’s at the bottom of the list which stinks since it’s my therapy blog haha. I enjoy writing about crazy things I come across or just mundane things that I do day to day. It may be a boring read at times but at least I’m organizing my thoughts in some sort of fashion…see therapy =).  Continue reading


Three little words

My son (who is going to be 21 months in a couple of days) has finally started talking. When I mean talking, I don’t mean language only I can understand. His vocabulary has really taken off here in the last couple of months after he played catch up. He had ear tubes put in back in April and, boy, has it made a huge difference!

Before having my son, I never really thought about language. Sure I’ve thought about weird words a few times Continue reading