Well that’s never good…

I know you are all are saying it silently (or not so silently) to yourself: what the ham is she doing?! Today, I got to do my main job all day long (not on a weekend?! Gasp!). My poor baby has strep. I swear, it seems like he gets every, single thing he comes in contact with. Great for building up that immunity, I know, I know, but it stinks watching him cry himself to sleep after a shot of antibiotics (which he had a mild reaction to and needs to be monitored extra closely. See, everything happens to him!).

So, boiling the pacies must happen. I think this was the hardest part of this illness. Not the no sleeping, not the tantrums from me not understanding that he was hurting, not the part of that awful looking rash that I thought was a heat rash but turned out to be related, it was the boiling of the pacies that I found myself panicking for just a second.

My child is in LOVE with his pacies. It’s the only thing he’s truly attached to, most kids have teddy bears or blankets or some other crazy security, my son’s is his pacie. He’s not satisfied with just one, either. In the car, he has one for his mouth, and then one for each hand, three total (I know all you non-pacie moms are rolling your eyes right about now).

So, when I went to boil his pacies that meant no pacies for at least 30 minutes at home. At school he goes all day without one, but at home he instantly goes to the counter where we have the bowl of pacies and begs for one until we give him one. The moment I took his pacie away the fussing started. He needed his pacie, especially being sick and pitiful, but I persevered and you know what? It wasn’t bad! The instant I put it in the boiling water he kept saying “hot, hot, hot” (that’s his new word–can you tell I tell him that a lot) and knew he didn’t need them!

Just goes to show, the one thing you think you can’t handle, that will be the straw that break the camels back, the one thing you just dread, can be absolutely nothing. That’s my life’s story in a nutshell, I realized as I was boiling pacies (which I discovered he has a ridiculous amount of). I’m always living my life dreading what I think is going to go wrong and that I can’t handle, but I’m wasting my time worrying. The little stuff that I think is mountainous is just pacies boiling on the stove while my little guy decides his dump truck is worth trying to ride , even though it’s the size of his foot.

Have I mentioned I love being a mom?

P.S. Don’t try to boil those teething things you put in the freezer. One will pop and you will have to re-boil your pacies in clean, non-contaminated water :). Luckily, there still were no break downs about not having a pacie.

P.S.S. It took me 5 hours to finally finish this post lol. You know what they say, a mother’s work is never done.

P.S.S.S. I know you were all on the edge of your seats about what was going to come of the pacies. I promise a library post tomorrow 😉