Testing out being a housewife

My son had his third hypospadias surgery done a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s a little on the ridiculous side that he’s had so many but his body just doesn’t respond well to being cut into (and whose body would?). Every time he has gotten this surgery it always gets infected and the infection eats out the stitches which in turn makes the incision come a part which leaves up back to where we were to begin with. Fingers cross, I didn’t see any infection this time, but I did notice the incision is coming back open at the base, go figure. It just looks like a tiny little paper cut at the moment so hopefully it’ll heal itself and this awful mess can all be over. If I had to do it all over again, I would just leave it as it was and not listen to the doctor telling me that it’s perfectly routine and easy.

While he had his stint in, he wasn’t allowed to go to daycare (liability issues and all that good stuff), so I got to stay home a solid week with him! Ladies and gentlemen, Continue reading