Measuring up…or not…

As I sit here munching on a gummy octopus (yes, my child’s candy. I have no self-control whatsoever, and am only slightly embarrassed at this point to admit it) catching up on Dr. Blake mysteries, I can’t help but reflect on my day, or really the last few years  my whole life, if the truth is really to be told (typed? You know what I mean). If your thinking this is going to be a debbie-downer post, you are 100% right, but with a twist, so please let me get it all out and hang on for the cliché light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-positivity at the end.  Even positive people need a little downer post every now and then, amirite?

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Let’s face it, I’m terrible at being a consistent blogger. Not that I don’t try. This blog is my personal blog, so unfortunately it’s at the bottom of the list which stinks since it’s my therapy blog haha. I enjoy writing about crazy things I come across or just mundane things that I do day to day. It may be a boring read at times but at least I’m organizing my thoughts in some sort of fashion…see therapy =).  Continue reading

Comparing yourself

This post should be short and sweet. Yay, right?! When have I ever been short and sweet? This has been weighing on my mind a lot here lately, so I have to get it out before I explode.

We have have things we don’t like about ourselves, right? Little (or big) things that we wish we could change about our lives or our situations and when we see people that have those certain things or traits we get a little  jealous, maybe? Ok, most definitely get jealous. Continue reading