Give me the country any day



There’s nothing like a beautiful sunrise to start your morning out right! I love living out in the country where I can enjoy things like stars and growing my own food (see my corn!). It always surprised me when I hear people at work talking about never really getting to see the stars because of the lights of the city. I would take my seclusion over the big city any day of the week. ┬áI don’t think you’ve really lived until you’ve had a cow led into your yard by your brother-in-law who is getting one ready for a show =) (can you tell that might have recently happened to me?).

I’m not exactly a hardcore farm girl. I find cow poop disgusting (although my father-in-law insists there’s ┬ánothing wrong with it since it’s just processed grass) and I hate the smell of chicken houses. There are somethings I do love about living on a farm. I’m a big lover of cows and goats and pretty much any animal you put in front of me, minus snakes and spiders of course. So I think it’s pretty awesome that I can just get on a four wheeler and go visit my little friends (does that make me sounds like a crazy person?). I was that kid who used to go read her books out loud to the cows because I thought they would like me more if I talked to them constantly, you laugh but it actually worked. I could get the cows to do things that no one else in my family would be able to do. My sons first noise was a moo and he does an awesome goat sound if I had to say so myself =).

I love growing my own produce. I’m a big fan of canning and freezing and stocking up for the winter. My mother taught me a long time ago when I was a teenager and swore that I would never have a garden when I got older (hem…we see how that turned out). There’s nothing like eating fresh corn on the cob, your own canned green beans and a fresh tomato sandwich with a yummy cucumber on the side. I hate the work that goes into (red weeds are the death of me this year) but it’s worth it in the end.

While I love living in the country, I will say that it is nice working in the city. There is everything within a 10 mile radius of campus so I pretty much do all my shopping in the big city and take it back home (especially Harris Teeter and Target. If there was one thing I could change I would want both of those to be in my county and not have to drive to another county just to go to one). In my town we only have one grocery store and it’s pretty pricey. They are trying to develop the area but it just seems to die off with a few things going strong (fast food is definitely the thing going strong). We just got a Walgreen’s last week, though, so maybe things will start popping up (and boy was that a momentous occasion. There wasn’t a parking spot to be found the day it opened).

Living in the middle of nowhere also has some huge advantages, though. People are always willing to help each other out not matter what. A girl in our community was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and we had a benefit this past weekend to raise money for her medical expenses. They raise $48,000! I was just in awe of how awesome people can be when we all pull together.