It’s been a while….

I’m such a slacker. You don’t realize how fast time goes by until it gets away from you. I blame Christmas break. When you have a week off and then some from work and school it just makes you lazy. =)

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Two…say what?!

Yep, you read that right! My little guy turned two this past weekend. My life has been a mad house since before Thanksgiving, hence the lack of posting. That’s one major drawback of having a December birthday. You always have to try to squeeze it in around other people’s festive stuff going on. As long as I can remember my birthday has always been combined with Christmas present wise (yep, I have a December birthday too! Try celebrating two people’s birthday in between the holidays. Yeah, it doesn’t happen). People just don’t think people in December need birthday presents because you are already getting stuff for Christmas. That or they’ll just buy you something they say is more expensive when they probably would have gotten it for you even if you didn’t have a birthday close by. I used to be a resentful as a kid about it. Now I really don’t care about birthday’s, well not my birthday anyway lol. I could do without Christmas presents too. Once you reach a certain age you realize how much crap you have and how much crap you really don’t need added to that pile of crap. I would be in heaven if we could just give the kids in the family presents. My side of the family has already made that transition, my husband’s side, not so much. I’m making it a point to make his birthday stand alone though! My side of the family doesn’t back that up but my husband’s does.

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Veterans Day

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Happy Veterans Day!

UNCG decided to combine Veterans Day and September 11th this year. Here are photographs from the name reading ceremony that began at 6 this morning and will run until 1ish, and the Field of Honor that has a flag representing each fallen soldier from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. I’m really proud to be a part of a university that acknowledges our veterans and acknowledges the sacrifice that they have made. Thank you to all that served and are serving. You are awesome!


We decided to do a “Recipe a Day” earlier this week on Facebook since we have this awesome home economic pamphlets collection. It’s the perfect time to do it since the holiday season is coming up. It was just a way to get people engaged in what we do–community outreach sort of thing. So far we have posted some really bizarre stuff. Continue reading

Almost terrible twos

My little guy is sick with a double ear infection again. He seriously hasn’t been well one whole month this year. A nurse once told me that there’s a magic switch that happens with these type of kids when they turn two. Evidently, they miraculously never really get sick anymore. I’ll believe it when I see it. But being home with him made me realize how much he’s growing up. He’ll be two in a little over a month and he’s already acting like a big kid. So in honor of his upcoming birthday, here’s my list of signs that you are entering the terrible two phase. Continue reading

Weekend project

I’ve been wanting a coat rack for a while now and I finally decided to do something about it; cheaply of course. I was browsing in World Market the other day (and by browsing I mean buying Haribo for my husband), and stumbled across these adorable, rustic hooks for only $1.99. They were perfect for what I had in mind!

We live on a farm so we have PLENTY of weathered wood on old out buildings. My husband and I went and pulled a board off and saved the nails to mount it on the wall. One cut, four screws from Lowe’s for a little over a buck, the nails we pulled off and a few measures later, I had my own, personal coat rack! I love, love, LOVE turning my house into a home.



Bad publicity

Let me start our by saying, I work at a really great institution. I really do. Do I agree with everything they do? Big negative. But I love the campus, I love the department I work in. I love the buzz of the campus. I love working where people are excited about their education (for the most part).

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