I’m baccckkkk

Oh man, you guys. I’m really not a slacker. Well….take back. I am kind of a slacker, but only when it comes to doing things for myself. Blogging is really just a big therapy ball for me, so when things start going crazy in life, the first thing to drop off is blogging. I would say it’s exercising, but let’s be real, I don’t exercise. I tried a few times, you know, thinking I could do it the next time and the next time. This most recent time, I lasted for three months before I gave up. That’s an improvement, right?! I was pretty proud of myself.  But for real, one of the big reasons I dropped off the blogging world as long as I did was because I did a crazy thing and deleted the Google Authentication app off my phone. Not a big deal, right? Well only not a big deal IF you still had your back up codes printed out somewhere. I apparently did not have them printed out. That, or I threw the list of codes away eons ago during a wild and crazy cleaning day. Those get kind of crazy, dontcha know.  Thank goodness for WordPress for getting me back up and running. What’s the phrase the youngins use these days? You da real MVP! I think that’s right, but it just sounds so wrong in my head, probably because I sound like an old lady.

School has been all-consuming and of course LuLaRoe. Let’s not even mention being a mom and wife. Holy smokes. Sometimes I feel like I bit off more than I could chew. Probably because I did, but we won’t go there. I only have ONE more semester of school after this one. THANK GOODNESS. I absolutely cannot wait to be done. Honestly, though, it’s been really enlightening and sometimes really challenging. I need a good challenge to make sure my brain is still operating and can think about things logically. Do you ever get scared that the creativity and the learning parts of your brain are just going to shrivel up if you don’t use them? I am super paranoid about that, so I try to keep it functioning so that it will keep working for me. So far, so good. I’ll let y’all know if I start slipping. My burning question at the moment is why is it soooo easy for me to write things like this, but when it comes to writing papers for class, my paper looks like the North Pole. White. Ugh. It’s probably because “I’m not in to it”. Not that I’m into myself either, but it’s way less time-consuming to write my thoughts because they are already in my head. Class papers require me to put things into my head to get that stuff down on paper and there’s not a lot of room for new stuff. Hello, data dumps.  EVERY semester, y’all. Every semester.

Business is going well. It’s waayyyyy more work than I anticipated initially. I don’t know what I was thinking to be honest, but I will say that it’s rewarding. It makes me feel good when I can make someone’s day or if we find just the right dress for that special night out. It’s nice to be able to contribute to someone’s happiness, no matter how trivial it may seem. A smile is a smile, y’all.

My boy is growing up on me. He’s FOUR, you guys. FOUR. How is that even possible?! Doesn’t it just feel like yesterday that he entered this world? He’s terribly handsome if I do say so myself and most of the time he’s too smart for his own good. He got his first report card a couple of weeks ago. I know what you are thinking and yes, it was like a legit report card. I had the same reaction. He’s four. HE’S FOUR. But, I will say it was cool to see what he’s excelling at and what he’s struggling with. He’s smart as a whip, but he struggles with listening on the playground and well listening in general. He has this bad habit of being a typical kid and only wanting to do what he wants to do. Serious business, y’all. For real though, I know he should listen and we are talking to him about it, but if that’s the worst thing he does, I’m okay with that for now because I really do think it’s just a thing kids his age do.

Work is going well. I’m still at my library. Let’s face it, I’ll probably never leave. We had our fourth Vintage Viands event. It was pretty awesome. It was featured in Our State magazine and 1808: Greensboro’s Magazine, so that’s been interesting and fun. It was so nice to have people from the community come and sample recipes from our collection. They had fun and we had fun in the moment at least. The clean up afterwards is always a doozy, but we made it through.

We added a new member to the family. Everyone, meet Turbo Whiskers. I betcha can’t guess who named him.

Photo Oct 27, 9 01 59 PM

We got him in August because the animal shelter was having free adoption month. He was five months old when this was taken, so he’s grown a little bit. He already looks full-grown. Surprisingly, our dog really doesn’t mind him. They play all the time. Sometimes the cat gets a little rough, but the dog just yelps and the cat slows his roll. My husband is less than thrilled with the cat. We (as in me and our son) might have gone and gotten him one day while he was working. I was feeling rebellious that day. It was two against one, let’s not forget. I have no regrets. NONE.

I think that catches us back up for now. Now that I’m back in action, you’ll probably be hearing from me again. I’ll be sure to bring my awesome work stories and recipes back to the table. I did get my very own old school jello mold the other day. My aspic game is about to grow stronger, so y’all know I’m going to sharing the love with you guys.