A sad, happy {unknown feeling} day has come to this library tech. We got a letter in the mail at work the other day and now they have made it official….card official that is.

catalog cardsYou are reading that correctly, OCLC is no longer going to produce cards! The cataloging card environment is officially coming to an end (at least for OCLC users). I know, I know, I can hear the question now, “you still order cards?” Why yes, yes we do. Not for everything of course; that would just be insane. We order cards for the material housed in Special Collections. They contain all of the book specific notes and Spec Coll (as we lovingly refer to them) will write acquisition information on the back of the cards.

Now to be completely honest, I have a love/hate relationship with these suckers. They are awesome for storing information and having a back up if technology fails (which it has, once to be exact, since I started working full time here). They are awesome for migrations. On the other hand, they are a pain to keep up with, we constantly were having to reorder them because they would never come and we sometimes would even get the dreaded “z” card *gasp*.

So until September 30, 2015 we have the privilege of cataloging and ordering as much as we can. After that date, life as we know it will change, hopefully for the better.


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