I’m free, Free, FREE (until June…)!!

Today is my last day of class for this semester! I’m listening to the recording as I type this. Should I be paying attention? Probably….but when the teacher decides to record the presentation instead of having “live” (I’m taking the program all online but we meet at designated times online and interact through chat and talking into our microphones and that kind of thing) interaction and then start that record by saying he didn’t see any reason why we needed to meet since all of our material has been turned in, it kind of puts a damper on getting excited. Plus, he’s just talking about being sure you are in the right program and doing a recap on everything we have learned this semester. Yeah….no. I’d rather be thinking about what I’m going to do with all this free time I have on my hands.

Free time? Let me rephrase that. What I’m going to start doing that I should have been doing this whole time, such as, you know, vacuuming, dusting my house, spring cleaning etc….? Well definitely vacuuming this week. My husband is away at school for the whole week so I’m going to try to have the house all nice and clean when he gets home, try being the operative word haha. Sometimes I just want to lay around on the couch and do absolutely nothing. I have been doing a room a weekend for the past 2 weeks was far as spring cleaning goes. So far I’ve taken 3 bags of clothes and a half bag of shoes out of our room to Goodwill and I have two bags of toys ready to be sent to either daycare or Goodwill from my sons room (yes we have way too much stuff that needed to be cleaned out a LONG time ago). His clothes always go to his twin cousins who are getting ready to turn 1 in May. They are going to be way bigger than him but that’s okay. They can use his clothes until they surpass him in size. This weekend, I’m probably tackling the study since I’m done with school and can chuck burn recycle a lot of these papers/notes.  I have this huge vision in my head of what I want this room to look like but it just hasn’t happened. Money is always an issue but so is finding the furniture that’s in my head. Curse you Pinterest for giving me all these glamorous ideas of awesome projects that my husband doesn’t want to be involved with!!! So vacuuming is my goal for this weekend….and the study…

…and maybe taking my little guy to the zoo. I’ve been dying to take him back to the zoo. It’s an awesome workout and he loves elephants, I love elephants and need to workout so it all goes hand in hand. Plus, I paid for those season passes and by golly I’m gonna use ’em! Let’s see if anything actually gets accomplished.

I graduate from my leadership class on Thursday. Y’all, let me tell you, it is SO hard to find something for a short, chubby, girl to wear! Clothes for short people I can find, clothes for chubby people I can find. Clothes for a short AND chubby person, not so much. I mean I went to every store I could think of. I have a thing about wearing anything above my knee because of my chubby legs, but that next to impossible with these new fangled fashions. Wear a maxi dress you say, I’m short…they don’t really make them for short people….at least not in a regular store. Could I have ordered something off the internet? Probably. I didn’t have time and I don’t really order off-line because what I *think* would look cute on me and what it actually looks like on me are two completely different things. I did finally find a suitable dress at Maurices, see?! It could use a belt around the middle to break it up and bring my waist in, but it’ll do if I don’t find one. I’m not sold on the shoes yet….they were a gift from my mother-in-law. I think they look better with jeans so heels might have to be the way to go with this dress. I have some nude heels that I think would look okay. If I bust my butt walking across the stage, I’ll let y’all know (I’m not against laughing at myself and letting y’all laugh with me).

My new dress! Ignore the messy mess as my son would say in the background and my crazy looking hair. At least my husband said I was beautiful when I sent him a picture of my dress….he never says that. I guess he’s sucking up for being away all week haha.

Thank you Maurices for caring about us bigger women (and before y’all say anything, I do go to the gym to work on the weight issue, but it’s actually done the opposite for me. I’ve gained weight….I’m going with it’s muscle weight…yeah…hopefully?). And since we are on that topic, let me just say I always HATED exercise. I was that fat kid who finished the mile last every…single….time. My teachers would even stop me from running because I was holding up class….yep, embarrassing. But since I’ve set my mind to going at least three days a week, I’ve actually enjoyed it. It’s like my me time. I do feel guilty about not picking up my son as early as I used to but in the long run I think this is good for both of us. Plus it’s pretty out now and they have the fun playground so he doesn’t seem to be too heartbroken. Plus he asks to go to his grandma’s house everyday anyway, so he’s not that interested in being home with me haha.

So, that’s what’s been going on in a nutshell. I hope to have my super, cute Pinterest projects posted this summer as I do them, so stay tuned. I go back to class in June so all my fun stuff HAS to be done in the next two months. I’ve set the bar high for myself and I hope I don’t let my fun bar down. =)

Oh and I promise I will tell y’all if I bust my butt on Thursday. Being that I’m not that graceful, the threat is real but I’m hoping that won’t go down haha.  Wish me luck!


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