Let’s face it, I’m terrible at being a consistent blogger. Not that I don’t try. This blog is my personal blog, so unfortunately it’s at the bottom of the list which stinks since it’s my therapy blog haha. I enjoy writing about crazy things I come across or just mundane things that I do day to day. It may be a boring read at times but at least I’m organizing my thoughts in some sort of fashion…see therapy =). 

It’s not like I don’t blog all the time. We decided to set up a blog for work. By we, I mean my supervisor mentioned it as a grand idea and just kept mentioning it and never did it. He doesn’t have that kind of time, especially since our library became a NACO participant. Side note: thank goodness we are a NACO (Name Authority Cooperative Organization, I think is that the acronym stands for. I at least know the first three letters are right) library. There was nothing more frustrating then trying to make a record correct (for example a misspelling in the title) and not being able to because we weren’t a part of this elite club. Now we are though so we can help y’all get the right information. Can I get an amen? Changing records and by default people’s lives one at a time haha. Anyway, so I finally just did it (it as in created a blog). I think I’ve mentioned it before ( We had to use Blogger so that it links up nicely with our work email and will display properly on the blog list on our work site. It’s definitely a different feel than WordPress but both accomplish the end result (providing information for the end user) so they both work. It’s a blog to get our research on American trade bindings out to the public to hopefully save some others time when trying to determine specific information about a binding designer or a certain publisher. I think it’s pretty awesome, but then again I love beautiful bindings and doing research so it works for me.

I’m in the process of creating another blog. This one I’m not so thrilled about. I kind of feel lost, hence the reason I’m doing a blog post here so I can avoid doing a post on the other one. We have to  make one for school that will evidently become our capstone project. I guess I just don’t know what to say. It’s one of those things where I’m forced to make it and include  major projects on the blog and all that jazz. It’s ok except we really haven’t had guidance on what specifically they want except to link papers. I’m just going to put something down and go with it. Normally I’m ok with that but this is 25% of our final grade. That makes me nervous. I’ve always been a nerd and tried to make straight As in school. I accomplished this until I got to college but even then most semester with the exception of three, I made straight As and I still graduated summa cum laude. I feel like this time around, I won’t be as luck. I’m terrible at grammar and writing (in case y’all haven’t gather that yet haha) and writing is a huge component of grad school. I just turned in a paper that I know stinks that’s worth another 25% of my grade. We’ll see if my professor allows edits haha. Doubtful since this IS grad school, but a girl can dream.

Work wise, I’m applying for a grant. I want to hold a competition for students on campus to make book art. You know that crazy awesome stuff using discarded book? Like this:


Image from Google (Pinterest really but I went to Google Images)

We have so many award opportunities for people who write these awesome papers and do elaborate research but nothing for the creative hands on people that can do extraordinary things like this. I think that needs to change. We’ll see if it comes to fruition. I work with so many talented people that have these awesome ideas for grants that I seriously doubt I get it, but it never hurts to try. Plus no one in our department has tried to put in for a grant so maybe I’ll get it out of pity haha. One can only hope.

Personal life wise, school is good. Husband and son are both doing good. Well, my son is having a little biting issue in school but I hope he grows out of it pronto. Nothing makes you feel more like a failure as a parent than when you get notes home about your kid terrorizing (and my terrorizing I mean expressing his dominance over other kids by hitting, pushing,t making there toys, and biting them when he gets desperate) other kids. Luckily it’s only like a once a week sort of thing and sometimes he goes even long stretches than that, but it still makes you feel terrible. I know he’s not old enough to control his emotions yet, and the other kids are just as bad as he is, but it still doesn’t make you feel any better. He’ll out grow it soon, right?! Well I guess I should go actually work on my other blog (you know that one I’m actually being graded on) while Mickey Mouse is entertaining the little one. Hopefully it won’t be so long before I write again, especially since there is only 2 weeks left in the semester! Can I get an amen?!


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