I’m free, Free, FREE (until June…)!!

Today is my last day of class for this semester! I’m listening to the recording as I type this. Should I be paying attention? Probably….but when the teacher decides to record the presentation instead of having “live” (I’m taking the program all online but we meet at designated times online and interact through chat and talking into our microphones and that kind of thing) interaction and then start that record by saying he didn’t see any reason why we needed to meet since all of our material has been turned in, it kind of puts a damper on getting excited. Plus, he’s just talking about being sure you are in the right program and doing a recap on everything we have learned this semester. Yeah….no. I’d rather be thinking about what I’m going to do with all this free time I have on my hands.

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Let’s face it, I’m terrible at being a consistent blogger. Not that I don’t try. This blog is my personal blog, so unfortunately it’s at the bottom of the list which stinks since it’s my therapy blog haha. I enjoy writing about crazy things I come across or just mundane things that I do day to day. It may be a boring read at times but at least I’m organizing my thoughts in some sort of fashion…see therapy =).  Continue reading