Two…say what?!

Yep, you read that right! My little guy turned two this past weekend. My life has been a mad house since before Thanksgiving, hence the lack of posting. That’s one major drawback of having a December birthday. You always have to try to squeeze it in around other people’s festive stuff going on. As long as I can remember my birthday has always been combined with Christmas present wise (yep, I have a December birthday too! Try celebrating two people’s birthday in between the holidays. Yeah, it doesn’t happen). People just don’t think people in December need birthday presents because you are already getting stuff for Christmas. That or they’ll just buy you something they say is more expensive when they probably would have gotten it for you even if you didn’t have a birthday close by. I used to be a resentful as a kid about it. Now I really don’t care about birthday’s, well not my birthday anyway lol. I could do without Christmas presents too. Once you reach a certain age you realize how much crap you have and how much crap you really don’t need added to that pile of crap. I would be in heaven if we could just give the kids in the family presents. My side of the family has already made that transition, my husband’s side, not so much. I’m making it a point to make his birthday stand alone though! My side of the family doesn’t back that up but my husband’s does.

Anyway, back to birthday. I don’t think I’ve ever told you his story. I had gotten off work early to go to my weekly appointment. Luckily my doctor’s office was only like 7 minutes from my work with traffic, 5 without. I was walking across the parking lot when I suddenly felt like I had pee running down my leg. I ducked between some cars and tried to make myself stop and then I was like “oohh my water broke” lol. I called my husband really quick and asked him whether I should just go on up to the doctor (in soaking wet pants by the way) or just go to the hospital or what I should do. We decided to just go on up to the doctor, so I walked up there and casually told them my water had broken. They got me back immediately, they confirmed what was painfully obvious (yeah, I was terribly embarrassed–I mean I was drenched. I was kind of glad I wore my dark jeans that day). They gave me some things that looked like doggie pee pads and told me to go to the hospital, which was right next door. So I got in my car and drove over. There wasn’t a spot to be seen except in the 30 minute parking area (they were renovating the lot as luck would have it so half the parking lot was gone) so I parked there and walked in. I went to the check out lady and asked her about the parking situation and she just told me I was going to have to drive around until I found something (maybe I didn’t explain that my water had broken? I don’t remember that part very clearly. I mean it was kind of obvious but she was probably preoccupied with other things). Luckily someone was backing out as I got in my car so no harm no foul. I went back in the hospital, they checked me in, I got in the room and my hubby came about an hour later.

I tried to have him naturally, but they gave my pitocin and I wasn’t prepared for that mess. I ended up having an epidural (which I was so glad I decided to have one! Best decision I ever made!) and I feel asleep, as did my husband who had worked a busy 24 hour shift the night before (he was at his second job when I called him–so he hadn’t had a nap or anything). I woke up around 2 in the morning to pain in my leg. I thought I just need to turn and readjust but she check me just to be on the safe side and lo and behold there was a head trying to come out lol. I guess the sleeping and epidural relaxed me and helped with the dilation. The nurse woke my husband up and they called the doctor. The doctor said start her pushing and let me know when it’s closer to time. My husband meanwhile had turned over and went back to sleep! What the ham! I raised my voice to try to get him up and of course he was out so the nurse had to go back over and wake him up as the midwife was getting ready to deliver our son. He almost slept through the birth of our son (I still find it hilarious to this day. I might not have found it funny if he really did miss his birth). Noticed I said midwife. The doctor still wasn’t there. They were making me hold him back until they finally gave up and called the midwife. Why did I pay you to let someone else do your job?! As she was fixing to grab his head the doctor came in a took over…pssshh I would have rather had the midwife. Four pushes and my little guy made his appearance and he did it in style by peeing all over the doctor (way to go son! You teach him from not coming the first time they called).

So yeah that’s his birth story. I’m still thankful I had a doctor’s appointment that day otherwise my water would have broken at work and no one wants that to happen.

So birthday weekend. We had a party Thursday with my husband’s side of the family, then sent cupcakes to his school for a party and we went to a Christmas parade (see Christmas activity inner mixture going on right there), then we celebrated with just the three of us Saturday. We took him to Build-a-bear which he enjoyed I think. He loves to build the animals, just not play or snuggle with them. Waste of money if you ask me. He them started getting a fever. This kid ran a fever from Saturday to Tuesday, getting up to 104.6, so he got to stay home from school and extend his birthday weekend by a couple of days. He was spoiled rotten and terribly unhappy to go back to school today (I had to keep him out yesterday as a precautionary to make sure the fever really was over). Doctor said it was just a virus which I guess is a good thing.

And here are some pictures just because =)

1504228_10152657040014263_5554354398813964806_oSo much change in such a little space of time. Top is obviously the day he was born, middle was his 1 year pictures and the bottom was from his birthday party at his grandmas on Thursday.

10403507_10152656144219263_2879039308544639366_nI had to show you his awesome cake from Central Bakery. He’s obsessed with Monsters, Inc (well was…he’s moved on to Mickey Mouse now, go figure). I was super excited that they didn’t have to use fondant. I hate that stuff.


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