Two…say what?!

Yep, you read that right! My little guy turned two this past weekend. My life has been a mad house since before Thanksgiving, hence the lack of posting. That’s one major drawback of having a December birthday. You always have to try to squeeze it in around other people’s festive stuff going on. As long as I can remember my birthday has always been combined with Christmas present wise (yep, I have a December birthday too! Try celebrating two people’s birthday in between the holidays. Yeah, it doesn’t happen). People just don’t think people in December need birthday presents because you are already getting stuff for Christmas. That or they’ll just buy you something they say is more expensive when they probably would have gotten it for you even if you didn’t have a birthday close by. I used to be a resentful as a kid about it. Now I really don’t care about birthday’s, well not my birthday anyway lol. I could do without Christmas presents too. Once you reach a certain age you realize how much crap you have and how much crap you really don’t need added to that pile of crap. I would be in heaven if we could just give the kids in the family presents. My side of the family has already made that transition, my husband’s side, not so much. I’m making it a point to make his birthday stand alone though! My side of the family doesn’t back that up but my husband’s does.

Anyway, back to birthday. I don’t think I’ve ever told you his story. Continue reading