Ok I’m going to forewarn you, this is a rant post. If you don’t like rants, then please don’t read this. I just need somewhere to virtually roll my eyes and fuss a little bit before I explode. 

So I got an email earlier about not using the term “girls” when describing students on campus.The college was an all girls school until the 1960s or so, so sometimes, when I post stuff, I used the term girls. I will admit that I generally do post the term “students” as opposed to girls, but when I’m trying to make a post more lighthearted I’ll use “girls”. Somewhere along the line this started becoming offensive. I’m not even sure what to say to that. Since when is it offensive to refer to a female person as a girl? Evidently they should be only be considered women or students; never girls. Personally, I’m not offended when someone calls me a girl. I mean, I am a girl. I guess people just think it’s derogatory because girls can also be adolescents? Maybe it’s calling someone immature? I don’t know. I’m not gonna lie, when I got that email I got a little, shall we say, irked. I’ve calmed down a little now and am less irked, but still. I know this might sound mean and not understanding but if that is the biggest complaint you have in life, I give you a standing ovation. I know this was about being PC and being outraged-for-all-women-out-there-because-it-is-belittling-to-women-to-use-the-term-girl, but when have we gone too far? Why does everything have to be taken the wrong way and not just the lighthearted way it was intended? I can assure you I don’t want our patrons to be offended, so obviously I’m not going to use the term again. It just makes me a little sad that everything can be considered offensive, even a trivial (in my view) word such as girl. Is it eventually going to be offensive to call yourself a woman because it might offend someone? I know that sounds ridiculous now, but I guarantee you that someone is going to get offended one day because it separates men and women and that everyone should be called person. Ugh. That’s just too frustrating to me. I don’t want to live in that type of world. For those of you who are silently cussing me right now, I’m sorry, it’s my opinion (which I’m entitled to have). I just don’t think there’s any need to be so sensitive over a harmless word. It’s not like anyone is being called a bitch or something like that. It’s a gender term. All I have to say, is I’m really glad I don’t work with the public directly. I would probably offend people left and right unintentionally, all day, every day. It’s just not in my nature to get offended easily and I guess I don’t think before I speak, or type, whatever the case may be.


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