We decided to do a “Recipe a Day” earlier this week on Facebook since we have this awesome home economic pamphlets collection. It’s the perfect time to do it since the holiday season is coming up. It was just a way to get people engaged in what we do–community outreach sort of thing. So far we have posted some really bizarre stuff. I mean recipes that make you say “hmm…” but not in a good way. Granted we have posted some yummy cake recipes but obviously the bizarre is going to overshadow those every single time.

The turkey aspic ring, seriously made me cringe a little.  Turkey, tomato juice and gelatin (especially gelatin) should NEVER be mixed together. I will admit though, I’m a little curious. I’ve never had turkey in gelatin before. If I end up making it, I’ll have to post photos so y’all can see what is going on with this (and I’ll let you know if it’s edible). The thing that gets me with this one is that it calls for boned turkey…what? This one is from circa 1945.
turkey aspic

Turkey Aspic Ring

This one sounds okay. I’m not one to run out and make a bean loaf but I don’t think it would taste as bad as the turkey aspic ring (still cringing about that one). What makes this one though, is the advertisement for the Lydia Pinkham Vegetable Compound. Seriously, I laugh every time. Call me a pessimist, but I just don’t think a vegetable compound is miraculously going to help you have a baby. What is a vegetable compound anyway? I always think of Mary Poppins when I think of it, although I’m sure their tonic tasted better–I bet you had a take a spoon full of sugar to get this medicine down too. This one is from 1917.

Pages from Wartime_cook_and_health_book

Bean Loaf

If anyone tries these out, let me know. I’ll be interested to see if they are any good. If I get time, I’m definitely going to try them out!


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