Almost terrible twos

My little guy is sick with a double ear infection again. He seriously hasn’t been well one whole month this year. A nurse once told me that there’s a magic switch that happens with these type of kids when they turn two. Evidently, they miraculously never really get sick anymore. I’ll believe it when I see it. But being home with him made me realize how much he’s growing up. He’ll be two in a little over a month and he’s already acting like a big kid. So in honor of his upcoming birthday, here’s my list of signs that you are entering the terrible two phase. Continue reading


Weekend project

I’ve been wanting a coat rack for a while now and I finally decided to do something about it; cheaply of course. I was browsing in World Market the other day (and by browsing I mean buying Haribo for my husband), and stumbled across these adorable, rustic hooks for only $1.99. They were perfect for what I had in mind!

We live on a farm so we have PLENTY of weathered wood on old out buildings. My husband and I went and pulled a board off and saved the nails to mount it on the wall. One cut, four screws from Lowe’s for a little over a buck, the nails we pulled off and a few measures later, I had my own, personal coat rack! I love, love, LOVE turning my house into a home.



Bad publicity

Let me start our by saying, I work at a really great institution. I really do. Do I agree with everything they do? Big negative. But I love the campus, I love the department I work in. I love the buzz of the campus. I love working where people are excited about their education (for the most part).

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve had some not so great publicity Continue reading