Comparing yourself

This post should be short and sweet. Yay, right?! When have I ever been short and sweet? This has been weighing on my mind a lot here lately, so I have to get it out before I explode.

We have have things we don’t like about ourselves, right? Little (or big) things that we wish we could change about our lives or our situations and when we see people that have those certain things or traits we get a little  jealous, maybe? Ok, most definitely get jealous.

Mine hang ups are usually all about body image. When I see a girl wearing a super cute top and pants that fit oh so perfectly, I get a little jealous.When I see people who can walk into any store and things just fit them right, y’all make me sick (ah, that sounded bitter, my bad), I get super jealous. That has never been me and will never be me. I’m on the shorter side and finding things that fit me without needing to be altered in some way can be next to impossible, combine that with big thighs and it is impossible (again, I exaggerate, but it is really difficult, I have found a couple of stores that I can get by with buying things right off the rack, though, so yay for that). I also get jealous of people with perfect hair. I might have a good hair day, maybe three times a year.

Ah, I’m glad I got all that off my chest.

Other than appearance I think I’m pretty good with being content with what I have. I have an awesome husband, a super fabulous son, a job that I love to come to every day, and a cute house that my father-in-law lets us live in for super cheap. Would I like to have more money? Yes. Do I constantly think about it? No. As long as we meet our bills every month, I’m content (one day we’ll have a savings account. Baby steps first, though). Do I wish we owned a house? Of course! Am I jealous of those that do? Not at all.

Do I have someone that I compare myself to all the time? Not really….

I try not to compare myself to anyone else. No one is like me and I’m not like anyone else. It’s pointless to compare yourselves to others knowing this. I think I might compare myself to an idea I have about myself and constantly check in to see if I’m living up to that idea, but it’s never an actual person.

It’s recently come to my attention that someone that I’m pretty close to compares themselves to me, and that makes me super uncomfortable. I don’t want someone comparing themselves to me, because, like I said, we are all different and do things differently. It’s gotten to the point where they are hiding pretty important things from me.  The person who ratted this said person out informed me that it was because they compare themselves to me and are ashamed of themselves when their life doesn’t mirror mine.

That makes me so sad.

I don’t want to be that person that someone doesn’t think they can come to because my life is going smoothly (for the moment). We all have hiccups in our lives and things happen. That’s no reason to keep things a secret and not let people know what’s going on with you. This person is putting on a face because they think that’s what needs to be done because they don’t want to look like a “failure” (words of the person who ratted the other person out).

Once again that makes me sad.

I don’t want people to feel like they are a “failure,” especially around me. I want to be the helpful one that gets you back on your feet or wherever you need to be. I think a lot of it has to do with age. Just because I’m young doesn’t mean I think you are a “failure” because your older than me. You’ve been through a lot more things. Situations have hit you differently. We have lived different lives. Please don’t ever compare yourself to me or to anyone else for that matter. We all have different experiences and different things that we’ve been through that have shaped us into who we are.

Be proud of yourself. You don’t have to be proud of the situation, but you can be proud to know that you are going to work your butt off and do things even better the next time around. Just know, never be ashamed of who you are and don’t be uncomfortable around people who you view as having a better life. Just live yours and focus on the positives. That’s what I try to do.


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