Change is in the air

Life is troubling my friends. All you have to do is turn on the TV or radio and you will quickly be aware of everything and everyone going crazy. The world is going through a revolution and we all get to be first hand witnesses to it.

1. Events in Missouri:

Growing  up I would read my textbooks about the civil rights movement and think about how something that important would never happen in my generation. Let’s face it, I’m a sheltered, white, southern woman who’s had a lot handed to her in life. I’ve got to experience a lot of things that the average person hasn’t been able to. I’ve never in my life been discriminated against and honestly, I’m not sure how I would take it if I was. Scratch that, I know exactly how I would respond. I would do nothing about it and walk away and complain about it to my husband. But I’m gong to say that if I were discriminated against on a daily basis then there would be a point where I would seriously get fed up and want to make a change of some sort. Let me say, I fully support those people protesting. If you have the willpower and determination to make a change for the good, then go you! What I’m not supporting (and I think a lot of people, even the protesters, feel the same way I’m sure), is the senseless violence and destruction that has been going on. What is looting a store going to accomplish? What is throwing pee on someone going to do? It takes away from what is really being protested. It takes the focus away from a death (that may or may not have been necessary…only a thorough investigation will determine that) and points it to a handful of unruly people who make it seem like maybe the cops actions were in accordance to what was going on around them. Did I really just say that? Yes I did. I know I’ll probably get grief about it and I will say again that I’ve never been discriminated against and I don’t know what it’s like, so I really don’t have a horse in this race. But (yes there is a but), from an outsiders perspective, violence and senseless actions are not helping the cause. Protest peacefully and you’ll get a lot more notice (maybe not from the media though). Ah that’s the kicker though, isn’t it? Would there really had been any change if people hadn’t acted crazy and gotten the media’s attention. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say no. I think that if people had acted like they had any sense from the beginning that this would have been just another case that got swept under the rug. Does the end justify the means?

2. Iraq

That question brings me into number two big event going on at the moment (note that these aren’t in any kind of order of importance, just in the order that they pop into my head based on what was in the news). Does the end justify the means? A video popped up yesterday of ISIS/ISIL beheading an American journalist with a warning that if America didn’t stop intervening in the events going on in Iraq, another reporter would be killed. This is a traumatic turn of events. I wouldn’t want to be in Obama’s shoes to save my life. Honestly though, I think I would carry on with the campaign. Obviously these people are terrorists, something needs to be done about them, and they will continue to kill people if we back out. What I don’t think Obama can do anymore is stick with his original plan of no American boots on Iraqi soil. ISIS/ISIL whatever they call themselves are terrorist that are killing innocent people. If we don’t intervene there will be genocide. Is it our place to intervene? Yes it is. You can’t just pull a bunch of troops out of a country and  tell them to clean up the mess. It doesn’t work that way. You have to continue to support the country until they are able to fend for themselves. We don’t send 6 year old’s into the work force because they can stand, feed and cloth themselves, right? They still need guidance and support and intervention. Same thing goes with a country that’s new to democracy and changing of political views. You have to help them adjust and grow. You have to protect them from threats, especially when it involves direct threats on American citizens. I cannot imagine what the families of these two men are going through, along with the countless others who have been kidnapped as well. If it was my family member that was being held, I probably would want Obama to do anything in his power to rescue my loved one, but I would hope that I would have enough strength to know that my loved one would be giving his life to save potentially millions of people. It hurts my heart to think about what these men and the families are going through. This is definitely a doozy for the question does the end justify the means.

3. Ebola outbreak

There is something terrifying about a disease that just can’t be contained and that makes a whole continent terrified of the people around them. The Ebola outbreak has brought the spotlight to the crisis of medical aid in those regions Ebola has effected. While people have kindly donated millions of dollars to help fund medical supplies and the needs to these people, there is still a huge need for actual doctors on the ground and manpower to help with the sick. I heard on NPR the other day that Syria only has 60 doctors in the whole country and some of those doctors are dying from the disease themselves. Living in America, I couldn’t imagine not having enough doctors to care for the sick. We truly are blessed to live in an incredible country (despite point number 1). Hearing the stories of children left to fend for themselves because the parents have died from this disease is unfathomable. I hope I never have to experience that.


4. Gaza/Israeli conflict

There’s not too much to say about this one. There will forever be fighting in Israel.

5. Ukraine conflict

Ah, so much to say about this one but I will let it go. I predict a war with Russia, but we’ll see how it plays out. I did think it was interesting that NPR reported on a story the other day comparing these events to those of Stalin and Poland. It was unreal how Stalin’s actions could almost exactly be applied to Putin’s in regards to the Crimean crisis. I just don’t foresee this ending well. If Crimea wants to be a part of Russia that one thing. If they are being blackmailed/coerced/forced to be a part of Russia that’s an entirely different matter. Should America really get involved though? That’s the million dollar question.


All this change in the air makes me nervous (even though some change is admittedly a good thing)! Revolution is coming my friends. Get ready!


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