Google spreadsheets are my life

Such a dramatic title, I know. But seriously, if you work in a cataloging department (or anywhere for that matter) and you have to work across departments, Google Docs is THE best thing since sliced bread. Everything is in one place, everyone can work on the same document all at the same time, and you never have to worry about where you saved that sign up list for cleaning the break room! There’s just so many things I love about Google Docs that I could go on and on and on and on … (you get the picture).

I went to a ContentDM conference many moons ago (well only like 4 years ago but it seems a lot longer) and that’s where I got my first glimpse of inserting images into a cell in a Google Spreadsheet and having it resize as you resize the cell (Genius! Thank you Google for all you do!). Immediately my binding designers list sprung into my mind. What is this list? Well, I have complied a quick reference guide to identify binding artists signatures. All I would do would get an image of the signature and put the name beside the signature. Nothing fancy and I saved it all in Word. Word got on my nerves. As soon as you added another person to the mix, it would mix all my images up and do crazy things (we’ve all experienced this). So I knew this was my saving grace (I’m sure you can do this in Excel as well although I have no idea how, by the way).

Fast forward 4 years and I FINALLY Continue reading