There’s just something to that old photograph



You’ve probably guessed it by now, but I have a serious love for some old stuff. Books, pictures, things, you name it, if it’s old I’m going to stop and take a gander or try to buy it, if it’s in my price range, of course. Most of the time it’s not in said price range, so I’m stuck with looking and dreaming and maybe giving whatever it is a nice pat to let it know that I still love it even if it’s not going home with me.

Anyway, I stumbled across this amazing photograph that is a part of a grant project that just got wrapped up, called Textiles, Teachers, and Troops (you should stop by and take a look! It’s pretty awesome! It’s a photograph held in the Greensboro Historical Museum of a dry goods store from around 1900.

Zooming in (just go to the link under the picture and there’s a way to zoom it all the way in) you can make out some awesome things.

1. Who knew that bananas were just hung in a group like that, or the tiny amount of grapes that you can see to the left? When you wanted a banana at this particular store, the clerk would cut it off and give it to you.

2. I’m in love with the mustache! I wish that style would come back in.                                                                                       (BTW–> = hilarious!)

3. Check out that phone! I notice that it can be pulled down (maybe). Definitely a plus for us short people. There would have been no way I could have used that phone otherwise.

4. Love the stagecoach toys on the second shelf of the cabinet on the left. I wonder if any of those are still around?

5. Speaking of the cabinet on the left, are those masks on the bottom shelf? I would totally rock one of those, mustache and all. See they knew a good mustache style when they saw one.

6. Can we bring back wearing gloves, please, please, PLEASE  (second shelf cabinet on the right)? Sometimes I like to wear my gloves I found at a flea market store around the house when it’s just me. Don’t judge.

7. What the ham is that on the bottom shelf of the right hand cabinet? We may never know.


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