18 month old boy’s reading list

In case you have gathered it yet, I’m a big fan of reading and libraries. I always have been. I’m not exactly sure where my love of books came from since my parents didn’t really sit down and read and my siblings, well, let’s just say they like to spend their time elsewhere.

My parents never took me to a library (that I can recall anyway) but there were countless hours spent in antique shops where there was a plethora of old books (which is probably why I’m obsessed with older books). I remember hanging out in my elementary school library doing odd jobs for our librarian while I waited for my piano lessons. Thinking about it now, our librarian probably hated my mom for making him be my babysitter but I think it was definitely that wonderful man who recommended the best books that help my love for books grow.

Naturally, I wanted my son to enjoy reading as much as I do. I always had this vision of laying in bed with my child and reading the latest book before bed and just cuddling, you know, like in the movies. Thank goodness he turned out to be a reader (well a listener since he can’t talk or read but y’all know what I mean). I’m constantly searching the web and Pinterest for good reading lists and suggestions for his age group. Luckily, I’ve found some great stuff and I’ve run across some of his favorites just browsing.

So here is a short list of my sons favorite books just in case anyone needs any suggestions.

1. Any of the Little Blue Truck books by Alice Schertle and illustrated by Jill McElmurry. I have to say these are by far his favorite books. I think it’s the awesome rhyming that does it for him.

2. Any of the Give a Mouse books by Laura Numeroff. He absolutely loves these two in particular.  We have to read them over and over and over and over and over (well you get the picture)

happy-easter-mouse-image happy valentines day mouse

3. Anything by Sandra Boynton. I can honestly say I haven’t found a book yet that he doesn’t like by her. I don’t know if it’s the illustrations or what it is, but he’s in love.

boynton lalala

4. I love you, stinky face by Lisa Mccourt annd illustrated by Cyd Moore. The illustrations are what reeled him in (or maybe my super impressive voices, ok, ok, I’ll give it to the illustrations). He loves the one-eyed monster the best.

I love you stinky face

5. Are you my mother? by P.D. Eastman (the board book one). He absolutely loves this books. We read this one 4 times in a row last night before I finally had to put my foot down to move on to the next one. Can you tell our reading time at night is pretty long?


6. The Five little monkeys books by Eileen Christelow. Particularly the two below (because that’s all our local library has I think. I still have to check into that).

five little monkeys wash the car5LM-Sitting-in-a-Tree-Book-&-CD

7. I think most kids like Clifford, so my son is no exception. He loves Clifford’s bedtime story by Norman Bridwell. He seems rather disturbed about Emily Elizabeth sleeping on Clifford at the end. He always says “uh oh” repeatedly when we get there.

clifford's bedtime story

8. Any lift a flap book. I think he likes the surprise of finding something behind it. He especially likes the farm scene in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road trip book.

. mickey mouse roadtrip

9. Any touch and feel book. He has tons of these in all sorts of topics. He loves feeling all the things.

touch and feel

10. The big red barn by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Felicia Bond. Really, he likes anything farm related. I think it’s because we live on a farm so he can identity more with what’s around him in these type of books.

big red barn

11. This Curious George Pat-a-Cake book.

curious george pat a cake

Now obviously this list doesn’t encompass all of his favorite otherwise this blog post would be astronomical, but it’s a good start. Now go read to your youngins’! =)



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