Testing out being a housewife

My son had his third hypospadias surgery done a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s a little on the ridiculous side that he’s had so many but his body just doesn’t respond well to being cut into (and whose body would?). Every time he has gotten this surgery it always gets infected and the infection eats out the stitches which in turn makes the incision come a part which leaves up back to where we were to begin with. Fingers cross, I didn’t see any infection this time, but I did notice the incision is coming back open at the base, go figure. It just looks like a tiny little paper cut at the moment so hopefully it’ll heal itself and this awful mess can all be over. If I had to do it all over again, I would just leave it as it was and not listen to the doctor telling me that it’s perfectly routine and easy.

While he had his stint in, he wasn’t allowed to go to daycare (liability issues and all that good stuff), so I got to stay home a solid week with him! Ladies and gentlemen,I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU GET ANYTHING DONE!!! Seriously, I just wanted to play all day and that’s exactly what I did. I had all these grand ideas of cleaning my home from top to bottom and doing extra chores around the house while I was out. What did I do that was productive? Only the same amount of work I do when I work my normal job.

Where did those extra 10 hours go? Playing outside and hanging out with my little guy. I devoted my entire extra time to him (which I guess is how it’s supposed to go). I just don’t know how you stay at home people keep on track and keep your houses clean and tidy. All I wanted to do was play outside. I did manage to get out at take him grocery shopping, which I will say wasn’t as difficult as I imagined. Normally I run to the store before I pick him up from daycare so I don’t have to juggle him and getting groceries and all my coupons lined up (yes, I’m a couponer. If the company wants to throw free money at me, why wouldn’t I take it?).

Did I have to deal with crazy meltdowns and not wanting to take a nap? Yes, and I let him skip nap time which actually is how I managed to get anything at all done. When he skipped nap time, he went to bed around 8, he he took a nap it was more like 10 and 11, so it actually helped for him to skip it so he could stay somewhat on his normal schedule (I’m sure daycare hated me yesterday when he went back–they didn’t say anything about it, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to stick to there schedule after I spoiled him).

What did I learn from staying home? 1. I’m a semi-pushover. That kid has me wrapped around his little, itty-bitty finger. 2. I stink at being a stay at home mom. My house is actually dirtier now that I stayed home that it normally is. Seriously, I haven’t vacuumed in like 3 weeks.  3. Regardless of all my serious failures, I still want to be a stay at home mom. I wish nothing more that strangers (admittedly very nice people who treat my child as if he was their own) weren’t the ones raising my child and getting to spend more waking hours with him during the week than I do. It makes me sad that I’m missing him growing up.


3 thoughts on “Testing out being a housewife

    • Oh no! For most kids it a one surgery fixes it all, so take comfort in that. How old is your son? Mine had the surgery at 5 months, 11 months and 18 months. The thing that stinks the most is bath time because he can’t be submerged and can only have a spit bath. So be prepared for that (if your son is an infant, it’s a lot easier). The big thing that was a problem for my son was infection. He got infected every time (except for this last time thank goodness)! The infections were introduced during the operation and this last time they gave him two different antibiotics so that took care of the problem. I really wish his doctor would have just given him two at the beginning so we could have avoided all this. Be sure to change his diaper often also. It’ll be wrapped but you don’t want him to be having a full diaper rubbing it so keep plenty on hand. You’ll go through a lot since he’ll have a stint and constantly be peeing (well my son had a stint–not all do). He’s probably not going to be in as much pain as you think. They numb it good and give them good drugs in the hospital. All they get when they come home is Tylenol and ibuprofen so make sure you have plenty on hand! The pain comes in when the stitches come apart when it gets infected. Listen to your instincts. If there’s more blood than you think should be in his diaper (he’ll bleed like the first day and depending on how bad his hypospadias is will be really bruised or no bruising. We’ve had all ranges since his was more complicated than they thought at the beginning and slowly got easier) or he’s crying profusely like he’s in a ton of pain, call your doctor. If they ask if you want to see the doctor say yes. It so much better to shell out the money and have piece of mind than it is to worry. Also, if your son is walking, be sure to hide all straddling toys. Oh and avoid one pieces (clothes)! I learned that the hard way. They would pull on his crotch and hurt him. Definitely wished someone would have said something about that. Good luck! I’m not an expert by any means but if you have anymore questions, just ask!

      • Thank you so much, I feel lucky to have found you. He is 3 months old. He’ll be due for surgery at Christmas bit my husband wants to wait til January. I really appreciate your reply and hope we can talk again.

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