College during World War I

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I’m seriously in love with this picture! I’m doing a tribute week on Facebook (you can check it out here: in honor of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I and stumbled across this baby. Continue reading


There’s just something to that old photograph



You’ve probably guessed it by now, but I have a serious love for some old stuff. Books, pictures, things, you name it, if it’s old I’m going to stop and take a gander or try to buy it, if it’s in my price range, of course. Most of the time it’s not in said price range, so I’m stuck with looking and dreaming and maybe giving whatever it is a nice pat to let it know that I still love it even if it’s not going home with me. Continue reading

18 month old boy’s reading list

In case you have gathered it yet, I’m a big fan of reading and libraries. I always have been. I’m not exactly sure where my love of books came from since my parents didn’t really sit down and read and my siblings, well, let’s just say they like to spend their time elsewhere.

My parents never took me to a library (that I can recall anyway) but there were countless hours spent in antique shops where there was a plethora of old books (which is probably why I’m obsessed with older books). I remember hanging out in my elementary school library doing odd jobs for our librarian while I waited for my piano lessons. Thinking about it now, our librarian probably hated my mom for making him be my babysitter but I think it was definitely that wonderful man who recommended the best books that help my love for books grow.

Naturally, I wanted my son to enjoy reading as much as I do. I always had this vision of laying in bed with my child and reading the latest book before bed and just cuddling, you know, like in the movies. Thank goodness he turned out to be a reader (well a listener since he can’t talk or read but y’all know what I mean). I’m constantly searching the web and Pinterest for good reading lists and suggestions for his age group. Luckily, I’ve found some great stuff and I’ve run across some of his favorites just browsing.

So here is a short list of my sons favorite books just in case anyone needs any suggestions. Continue reading

Testing out being a housewife

My son had his third hypospadias surgery done a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s a little on the ridiculous side that he’s had so many but his body just doesn’t respond well to being cut into (and whose body would?). Every time he has gotten this surgery it always gets infected and the infection eats out the stitches which in turn makes the incision come a part which leaves up back to where we were to begin with. Fingers cross, I didn’t see any infection this time, but I did notice the incision is coming back open at the base, go figure. It just looks like a tiny little paper cut at the moment so hopefully it’ll heal itself and this awful mess can all be over. If I had to do it all over again, I would just leave it as it was and not listen to the doctor telling me that it’s perfectly routine and easy.

While he had his stint in, he wasn’t allowed to go to daycare (liability issues and all that good stuff), so I got to stay home a solid week with him! Ladies and gentlemen, Continue reading